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The following passages broadly explore the core races and their place within the Serpent Kingdoms.

Dwarves: Bureaucratic in nature, the dwarves believe that peace can be upheld through carefully organized society. They are not bent on controlling the other races, but rather excitedly teach what they have learned in an effort to expand order and lawfulness.

Humans: The humans have embraced the dwarves’ nature and strive to uphold that which they have learned. However, man’s greed frequently interferes with those ideals, and there are are always those who choose power over prosperity.

Gnomes: Ingenious inventors and designers, the gnomes worked with the humans and dwarves in the construction and organization of the current economy. They employed their knowledge of magic and mechanics for the building of physical structures, and they were also placed in charge of manning the banks and TNC locations throughout the kingdoms.

Elves: Though they have a definite presence in the dealings and mechanics of the kingdoms, the elves are mostly represented in an official capacity. They did not contribute heavily to the building and organization of the current economy, but their diplomatic abilities are revered. It is customary for young elves to attain their adulthood by going out into the world and collecting as many experiences as possible. When they reach old age, they return to their home towns to be one with nature and live out the rest of their days as elders for the elven community.

Halflings: The halflings are very few and far between in the kingdoms. In fact, there are few people who even know where the halfling lands are located (they are believed to be located somewhere south of Majere). It is indeed rare to see a halfling meandering about the kingdoms, and those who are either refuse or mislead others about their origins.

Half-orcs: Half-orcs are usually born into orc tribes, and those tribes continuously battle over land with each other. Some of the larger more successful tribes are acknowledged as members of the kingdoms and help in their own ways to contribute to economic stability. Others still, usually of the more intelligent persuasion, have banded together to form gypsy tribes, or are chosen to lead the tribes they were born into. The social placement of orcish and half-orcish tribes is more diverse than people realize or care to admit.

Races & Their Roles

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