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The Tri Notarian Council was founded by the dwarves, but was built from the ground up by the efforts of gnomes and humans, and has a major figurehead of each of the dominant races. This bureaucratic society is responsible for the notarizing of official documents such as bank statements, passports, trading papers, adventurer’s licenses, identification papers, business licenses, guild licenses, and so forth.

The TNC headquarters are located in Innarlith, but a branch can be found at the entrance of most settlements throughout the kingdom. These branches are responsible for keeping records of all the aforementioned documents, except bank statements, which are handled through the banks themselves.

Once a traveler enters a town with one of these branches, they are required to check in and have their presence recognized by having their passport stamped. Travelers who fail to do so, and are caught, will face an exponential fine of 5gp for each transgression leading up to jail time. The purpose for this “checking in” statute is to have a record of visitors in the event of a crime being committed. It not only helps to identify lawbreakers, but also safeguards honest travelers from false accusations.

People who purchase trading papers, adventurer’s licenses, guild licenses, and business licenses are afforded special places in the bi-weekly TNC Newsletter. This newsletter contains lists of job offers, special sales, and so forth as mentioned below:

TNC Newsletter Special Affirmations:
  • Trading Papers—Those who have trading papers are able to be found more easily as their last known whereabouts are published in the newsletter. This is especially helpful if the trader carries goods that are rare or hard to come by.
  • Adventurer’s Licenses—Adventures who are looking for work may place an add in the newsletter to help find employment more quickly. Generally, an adventurer will list his race, class, and any strengths he has (i.e. thieving, combat, strategy, magic, and so on). He will also usually supply his current location or locations he will be at to aid his job search.
  • Guild Licenses—This license allows guild-heads to publish work for guild members, as well as when the guild is recruiting new members.
  • Business Licenses—A business license affords the ability to publish item sales, look for new employees, highlight newly received (or crafted) items, and so forth. Owners usually find that posting in the newsletter increases their profit margin by at least 20%.

The locations of TNC Passport Stations can be found on this map

Tri Notarian Council

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