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The city of Ankhapur boasts the largest and most well known academy for the arcane arts; The Arcana Collegiate. Rising up from the center of the city, the collegiate is the closest thing to a power center the metropolis has, however, it cares little for the goings on of the townspeople and only keeps the city in a running order to maintain the economy, attract potential additions to the academy, and to continue the practice of using magic to better the more mundane aspects of life. The head mage of the collegiate is Embriand the Baronial.

The structure itself is comprised of five towering spires connected by massive walls that are sloped in a downward parabola surrounding a courtyard, and each of the five sections of the courtyard has its own purpose.

As you walk through the gate (and clockwise) you see a beautiful garden with exotic plants from all over the kingdom, as well as some strange and unknown flora. The next section is a small zoo of sorts containing equally strange creatures (though some creatures may be more familiar to seasoned adventurers). The third section is a market place where mages sell creations of all kinds. The fourth is a barren strip of land full of barrels, crates, and mannequins which are covered in scorches, burns, and so forth: this section is known as the firing range. The final section is designated to the sale of equipment used in the arcane arts. The center of the courtyard has a park with several fountains and statues depicting great mages of old.

The most striking part of the academy is the central spire. Towering well above the other spires, it also hovers directly above the center of the courtyard. The only visible way to get to the central spire is by using magical carriages that move up, down, and horizontally between the edifices.

The Arcana Collegiate

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