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A Lay of the Land:

The Serpent Kingdoms are made up of three main areas: Sespech, Chondath, and The Nagalands.

Here is a breakdown of the Serpent Kingdoms’ Key Areas.

The Serpent Kingdoms rely heavily on paperwork, and are bureaucratic to an anal degree. If a person is in the trade business, they must have trade papers. The major cities (and many of the smaller towns) require traveling papers (passports). There are several other examples such as business licenses, law licenses, etc. All of these must be notarized by the Tri Notarian Council, and a branch can be found close to the entrance of any major city.

Calendar of Imladris: The calender used by the Serpent Kingdoms.

The calendar is of elvish origin. The names may be interpreted as follows:

* Tuilë – Spring
* Lairë – Summer
* Yávië – Autumn
* Quellë (Lasse-lanta) – Fading (Leaf-fall)
* Hrívë – Winter
* Coirë – Stirring

The elvish “year” or yén actually translates to 144 human years. A day – from sunset to sunset – was referred to as in the elvish tongue. A solar year was called coranar meaning “sun-round,” but was also known as loa or “growth” in reference to the seasonal changes in vegetation. The loa was broken up into periods that might be regarded as either short seasons or long months. Lairë and Hrívë each contained 72 days, and the remainder 54 days each. The loa began with yestarë, the day immediately before tuilë, and ended with mettarë, the day immediately after Coirë. Between Yávië and Quellë were inserted three enderi or “middle-days.” This provided a year of 365 days which was supplemented by doubling the enderi (adding 3 days) in every twelfth year.

The Two Moons

Rána is the moon with the shorter cycle phase, with the full moon being every 12 days. Isil’s full moon phase is every 35 days.

The phases in days as they last are as follows:
Moon New Waxing Cresent 1st Quarter Waxing Gibbous Full Waning Gibbous Last Quarter Waning Cresent
Rána 1 2 1 2 2 1 2 1
Isil 5 4 4 5 5 4 4 5

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