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House Rules:

Timed Rounds:

Each person will have 30 seconds to decide their actions on their rounds. If they do not make a decision, they will be considered defensive until their next turn. This is to keep battle fluent and timely, and is not meant to be a punishment of any sort.

Action Points:

The use of – and all feats pertaining to – action points is allowed in this quest.

  • An action point can be spent on an attack roll, a skill check, an ability check, a level check, or a saving throw.
  • A player must declare the use of an action point after you roll a d20, but before she knows the outcome (this includes the outcome of any miss chances).
  • A player cannot use an action point on a skill check or ability in which he is “taking 10” or “taking 20.”
  • A player may use only 1 action point per round on a single d20 roll.

Action Points – Special Actions:

A player may use action points to perform one of the following actions:

  • Activate Class Feature: 2 action points may be spent to gain an extra use of bardic music, rage, smite evil, Stunning Fist, turn or rebuke undead, or wild shape. A player may also use 2 action points to add an extra d6 to their sneak attack damage once per encounter.
  • Hasten Infusion: Spending 1 action point enables an artificer to imbue an infusion in 1 round, regardless of the standard casting time’s length.
  • Stabilize: A player may use 1 action point to stabilize herself from bleeding out up to -9 HP.

More information on action points can be found in the Eberron Campaign Setting, pg 45.

Healing Surges:

A version of healing surges from the D&D RPG v4.0 is allowed in this quest.

A player has a number of healing surges per day equal to his skill total in Heal. Spending a healing surge restores 1/8th of the player’s total HP in temporary HP. Using a surge provokes an attack of opportunity. If the attack succeeds, he gains no HP and loses the spent surge for that day.

Healing surges may only be used during combat.

Mana System:

This campaign uses a mana system to utilize spell casting. The rules for level-dependent mana increase can be found on the Mana System page.

Roleplay XP:

The following rules to gain XP will be used as incentive to roleplay effectively.

XP for Skill Checks

Any DC fewer than and including 11 receives 10 XP for a successful roll. For every numerical increase to a DC above 11, increase the XP by 10.


  • DC 8 = 10 XP
  • DC 11 = 10 XP
  • DC 20 = 100 XP
  • DC 35 = 250 XP, and so forth.

An impossible DC (or a DC the DM doesn’t want the PC to succeed on) that a PC rolls a natural 20 on receives 100-500 XP, depending on the nature of the task.


Illhania rolls a natural 20 on a Diplomacy roll to get the unwavering judge to let Glovel out on bail after he used his fascinate ability to lull his audience into being easily pick-pocketed. Though the DM wanted to throw Glovel behind bars to teach him a lesson, the roll of the dice let Illhania’s elven logic and sheer luck prevail. But the PC better have one hell of a story made up!

Staying in Character

PC’s should be rewarded for staying in character and keeping the idle chitchat to a minimum (chyeah right). Anywhere up to 100 XP (DM’s discretion) per hour of play that the PC stayed in character.

Being Descriptive in Battle

A PC should be rewarded each turn if they give a good description for how they attacked a creature. 25 XP for a good description; only one try.

Staying True to the PC’s Alignment

A PC who stays true to their character’s alignment in situations that require it should get 100 XP at the end of the night.


Coming to a quick resolution and acting on it within two minutes of debate should yield up to 50 XP for a good solution.

Taking 10

For routine tasks that require a skill check in which the DC would be fairly low, you can take 10 instead of rolling for the outcome. This saves time and avoids a catastrophic fail that would slow down game play. You can award 5 XP for every portion of the action being taken, such as minutes or 5 ft steps.

This supplements the idea that the more you do something, the better you get at doing such an action.


Roland takes 10 on a Climb check to climb the 50 ft wall using his grappling hook and knotted rope, a DC 5. The DM decides to award XP for every 10 ft Roland travels. Using the 5 XP rule, Roland will receive 25 XP for getting to the top (5 XP for every 10 ft climbed).

Taking 20

When a PC has plenty of time, is not faced with any threats or distractions, and the skill being attempted has no penalties for failure, you may take 20. You can award 10 XP for every portion of the action being taken.


Leira finds a cave in a cliff and searches it. The DM sees in the Search skill description that each 5 ft square takes a full round action (6 seconds) to search, and assigns a DC 19 to the attempt. The cave’s dimensions are 10 ft high, 5 ft wide and 10 ft deep; giving it a surface area of 400 sq ft. This means it would take 8 minutes (10 rounds in a minute*5ft= 50ft per minute*8 minutes= 400 sq ft.) to search on a successful check.

However, Leira decides to take 20 and thoroughly search the room, leaving no stone unturned. Taking a 20 increases the time to complete a task by 20 (8 minutes*20=160 minutes). So it will take Leira 2 hours, 40 minutes to search the room thoroughly. The DM decides that for every 10 minutes Leira searches, she receives 10 XP (using the 10 XP rule). Therefore, Leira would get 160 XP for searching this room.

Again, this supplements the idea that the more you do something, the better you get. So whether Leira finds something of interest or not, she still gets the XP. If the DM feels this is too much, he may decide to award a smaller amount of XP (i.e. 5 XP per 10 minutes, giving Leira 80 XP instead). As you can see, the XP to time ratio can easily give more XP than the simple roll method (90 XP if she would have rolled and just met the DC 19). This accounts for extra time and patience a character takes in-game to get the job done right.

House Rules Page

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