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“[Corsairs’ Enclave]. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. You must be cautious.”

Corsairs’ Enclave is the pinnacle of piracy. If you want something illicit, you can probably procure it from the enclave. Situated in a massive cavern in a cliffside, the enclave is as treacherous to sail into as it is to be in. Massive craggy spires stick up from the ocean, and many a ship has scuttled itself on the rocks. Over the years, the prominent thieves guild – The People’s Trade Company – have hired persons to place multiple sunrods atop the spires to help guide the ships in to port.

Within the cavern is a bustling harbor built out from the sparse beach-head encompassing the walls of the grotto. Further inward from the shore, the cave is carved into three levels, and each level has a number of houses and huts scattered along them. Situated at the top are several large sails affixed to the ceiling bulging with some glowing substance, illuminating the cavern in a dim orange hue day and night.

The enclave has a quite a few residents outside of the pirates and the guild who call it home, and though they tend to keep to themselves, they could very well be a good source of information.

Corsairs' Enclave

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