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Ankhapur is the Mecca of all things magic. At the center of it’s grand walls stands The Arcana Collegiate which houses some of the brightest and most talented acrane artists in all the kingdoms. But for all it’s magical might, the city itself is a grand den of thievery, treachery, and murderous intent.

The official ruling party of the city is the Collegiate, but the mages care not for the well being of the people. To them, the city is merely a grounds on which to experiment. The noble section of the city benefits from the workings of these experiments, from finely crafted roads to everburning torches for illumination. Houses that have extradimentional rooms, animated objects such as brooms to sweep the house or bellows to stoke the fireplace. Tenser’s Floating Discs used as elevators in place of stairs for multi-leveled homes. Knockers that send whisper to the owner to let them know who’s at the door. The list goes on.

The rest of the city is another matter entirely.

Throughout the districts is rampant crime and corrupt city officials. It is well known that there are two major thieving guilds vying for power: The Guild of Calamitous Intent, and the Antius Guild. However, despite the massive crime percentage, most people do fairly well in Ankhapur. The guilds seem too intent on each other to put much muscle in manipulating the populace. The most disruptive criminal element in the city actually tends to be the street urchins.

The city boasts one of the highest population of orphans in the Serpent Kingdoms, due in no small part to the Collegiate and a 10 year tenure with human experimentation, which was eventually abolished by Embriand the Baronial under pressure by the leaders in Innarlith, Ormpetarr, amd Arrabar who formally voiced their disdain for the “abominable and gross misuse of power under the guise of racial improvement and betterment.”


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